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Thomas Holmden

Thomas was born in 1817 in England and died February 3, 1886 at his residence , 829 Scranton Ave.  He was buried in Monroe Cemetery.  Holmden Avenue was named after him and was also called “Dutch Hill”, where children would sledride.  In 1860, he lived in Allegheny, Venango County, Pennsylvania.  He was Venango County Commissioner from 1863-1865.  He sold his land in Allegheny for $25,000 to an oil drilling company when oil was found on his property.  This land became known as Pithole City and there was a huge oil boom there.  By 1865, Pithold had a population of 15,000.  In 1866, the wells began to dry and by the end of 1867, Pithole was dead.  Thomas Holmden arrived in Brooklyn Township in 1866.

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St. Wendelin Church history

church.jpg2281 Columbus Road.  The Early Days:  Reverand Joseph Koudelka, the pastor of St. Michael Church on Scranton Road, first approached Bishop Ignatius Horstmann about the possibiity of establishing a parish to serve the needs of the Slovak community.  Bishop Horstmann recognized the language difficulties this community faced and their need to continue their ethnic traditions.  It was on May 3, 1903 that a group of pioneer parisioners received Bishop Horstman’s approval to build a new church.  This new church was given the name, Saint Wendelin.

The next step was to find a location for the new church.  Word spread that a property along Columbus Road near W. 25th St. had become available.  This property, which was owned by the Meckes family consisted of two lots measuring 120 ft. by 330 ft.  On the property stood a brick buildeing which was purchased for $6,500.  The front part of the building was remodeled into a parish house, and the rear of the building was transformed into a two-room school.  On one side of the property stood the Phoenix Brewery.  On the other side, there was a salooon. Read more …

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