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Holy Ghost Greek Catholic (Now called Byzantine Catholic) Church

holyghostbyzantine2420w14th.jpgSouthwest corner of Kenilworth and W. 14th Streets. 

At the turn of the 20th century, both before and after 1900, waves of immigrants from the Carpathian Mountains of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (now in east Slovakia, West Ukraine, Southeast Poland and the northern tip of Romania and still with no country of their own), followed Irish and German settlers to the Greater Cleveland area.  These people are not Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, or other ethnic group.  They are a separate ethnic group and founded a number of churches in the Cleveland area, both Greek Catholic and Orthodox. ***More about Rusyns and Carpatho-Rusyn churches will be written on this website.

Finding work in the steel mills and industries centering around the “Flats”, these Ruthenians (known more correctly as Rusyn – not Russian -) immigrants next turned their thoughts to establishing places where they could worship in accordance with their Byzantine Catholic heritage. Read more …

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