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Ted Woznicki

October 5, 2005 Interview with Ted Woznicki at the Jefferson Library
Interview done by Mollie Alstott and Eileen Sotak

Mollie:  What is your age?
Ted:  82

Mollie:  What years did you live in Tremont and where did you live?
Ted:  I was born on W. 6th St. originally and uh incidentally, at that time all births were done by midwives.  You didn’t go running to a hospital.  And then we moved from there to W. 7th St., and I lived at 2443 W. 7th which is at the intersection of Jefferson and W. 7th.

Mollie:  What did your house look like?
Ted:  Well, we had really a 3-family house.  Our family lived on the first floor and the front of the house had a small bakery store.  My mother sold baked goods and upstairs we had two suites, two rental suites. Read more …

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Mary Hennel

Interview with Mary Hennel on April 29, 2005
Interviewer was Eileen Sotak


Eileen: Did you have indoor plumbing in that house when you were little?
Mary: We had to go outside.

Eileen: What was that like, was that scary?
Mary: Oh yeah, especially at night at 2-3:00 in the morning. Sometimes you would see a rat go by.

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Preschool Pilgrim Church, 1919


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