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Zion Evangelical Church

03.jpgLocated at the corner of W. 14th St. and I-490.  In January of 1867, forty German immigrant families living in the section of Cleveland, then known as University Heights (now Tremont), met with Rev. Stemple, pastor of West Side Church.  Many of the families had been attending Rev. stemple’s church, but with the great walking distance and increasing German population in this area, they decided to start a church of their own.  In the spring of the same year, a corner lot on College Avenue and Tremont Street was purchased for $400 so a permanent church building could be constructed.  The cornerstone was laid on May 12, 1867, marking the date we have come to regard as Zion’s birthday. Read more …

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Merrick House History

oldmerrickhouse1920s.jpgThe first building was at W. 11th St. and Starkweather Ave.  What you see is the original building.  The present building, built in 1949 is located at 1050 Starkweather Ave.

ORIGIN:  At the close of World War I, the once restricted “University Heights” district located on the bluff of the west bank of the Cuyahoga River had gradually changed.  Often marked by poverty, its homes were neglected, unpainted, and unrepaired.  Isolated by a river gully and a web of railroad tracks, the district became known as Tremont Area.

Poles, Russians (editors note: most likely they were Rusyns), Ukrainians, Slovaks, Germans, Irish, and people of many other nationalities lived in the congested area.  Census studies showed 144 persons per net acre as compared with 22 for the city as a whole.  Recreation facilities were inadequate.

In this area came Merrick House in 1919.  Founded under the auspices of the National Catholic War Council as a part of its post-war reconstruction work, it was a settlement and a day nursery doing non-sectarian work under Catholic auspices.  In 1923, its first headquarters was purchased with funds from the Catholic Charities Corporation.

The name “Merrick House” was taken in honor of Miss Mary Merrick, founder of the National Christ Child Society, in recognition of the interest and service given by the Cleveland Christ Child Society. Read more …

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History of Immanuel Lutheran Church

immanuel50thanniversary3.jpg2928 Scranton Rd.  Immanuel Lutheran Church traces its history to Trinity Lutheran Church on West 30th St. in Cleveland.  In 1853, Trinity opened their first school on the West 30th St. property.  Because so many of the members were locating in the “Brooklyn” (of which Tremont was a part) area, a second school was erected facing Seymour Ave., off Scranton Road (in Tremont).  Candidate of Theology, Henry Weseloh, was brought to Cleveland from Germany to assist Pastor Niemann, of Trinity in 1876.  Aside from being assistant pastor at Trinity, it was understood he should devote himself especially to “Brooklyn” with the thought of establishing a new congregation there. Read more …

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Ted Woznicki

October 5, 2005 Interview with Ted Woznicki at the Jefferson Library
Interview done by Mollie Alstott and Eileen Sotak

Mollie:  What is your age?
Ted:  82

Mollie:  What years did you live in Tremont and where did you live?
Ted:  I was born on W. 6th St. originally and uh incidentally, at that time all births were done by midwives.  You didn’t go running to a hospital.  And then we moved from there to W. 7th St., and I lived at 2443 W. 7th which is at the intersection of Jefferson and W. 7th.

Mollie:  What did your house look like?
Ted:  Well, we had really a 3-family house.  Our family lived on the first floor and the front of the house had a small bakery store.  My mother sold baked goods and upstairs we had two suites, two rental suites. Read more …

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Mary Hennel

Interview with Mary Hennel on April 29, 2005
Interviewer was Eileen Sotak


Eileen: Did you have indoor plumbing in that house when you were little?
Mary: We had to go outside.

Eileen: What was that like, was that scary?
Mary: Oh yeah, especially at night at 2-3:00 in the morning. Sometimes you would see a rat go by.

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Preschool Pilgrim Church, 1919


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